ARK models
ARK models

ARK Model - the Russian manufacturer of plastic model kits.

Our products range includes:

  •  Sailing vessels
  •  Battleships & cruisers
  •  Military and civil aircraft from all countries and all eras
  •  Heavy, medium and light tanks, known for memorable dates
  •  Self-propelled guns
  •  Soldiers of various epochs
  •  WWII military vehicles

Our registered brand name is "ARK models" ®.


Every year we increase our range of models!

Return of the legend

The legendary firm FROG has released this beautiful model in 1973. In the late 70's its molds were purchased by the USSR and brought to the Donetsk toy factory (DTF). Several generations of Soviet modelers assembled this model. Since 2009, its molds have become the property of the ARK-models and the model continues its life, also as a tribute to the great British firm F.R.O.G., that strongly influenced the development of bench-scale modeling in the Soviet Union.

More information about the history of the F.R.O.G.\NOVO models can be seen on the web-site

Model light attack aircraft based on Yak-52. Limited edition with additions of resin. Allows you to create a model with highly detailed interior, armament and elements of the fuselage.
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