ARK models
ARK models

ARK Model - the Russian manufacturer of plastic model kits.

Our products range includes:

  •  Sailing vessels
  •  Battleships & cruisers
  •  Military and civil aircraft from all countries and all eras
  •  Heavy, medium and light tanks, known for memorable dates
  •  Self-propelled guns
  •  Soldiers of various epochs
  •  WWII military vehicles

Our registered brand name is "ARK models" ®.


Every year we increase our range of models!

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018
In the world capital of modeling Shizuoka Japan, held the next exhibition. The latest innovations of our company were presented at the stand of ARK models.
T-14 Armata. 1:48 Resin kit by Bukhalov Roman
New items. Spring 2018

Model of the newest Russian tank T-14 "Armata" on two scales at once! Ambitious and non-alternative project of polyester resin in the 1:48 and more familiar to most fans, 1:35 with the original additions of resin and photo etching! Both sets are already on sale. You can review the content in detail by clicking on the link:

T-14"Armata" 1:48

Т-14"Аrmata" 1:35

AK 72025

BAC «Lightning» F.6 British fighter interceptor 1:72 by Viktor Vinogradov.


Over fotos of the model can bee seen in the section: Catalogue - Aircraft 1:72 - AK72025 - Modell gallery.

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